Please DON’T do this – it’s a pet peeve of mine & it’s not doing you ANY favours!

Crowd sourcing opinions about logos or designs. Writing posts like “Do you prefer A, B or C?” …..waste of time.

Everyone and their dog has an opinion about your logo. But not everyone is YOUR ideal client. Not everyone has a vested interest in your business. Not everyone understands your market place, goals and brand vision. Not everyone is right.

I see so many of these posts in business groups and I just want to shake them. It takes all my will power not to write an exasperated FULL CAPS comment with tons of emojis !!

If you need a second opinion on a logo, only ask people who:
a) are your clients or ideal clients
b) are financially or emotionally invested in your business & UNDERSTAND it.
c) who have at least a vague eye for design.

And if you’ve DIY’d your logo, maybe get a professional to design it for you. A DIY logo with a crowd-sourced vox pop poll is a bit like whistling in the wind; totally ineffective and lost.

And if you are crowd sourcing opinions about a professionally designed logo, speak to your designer first. Ask questions about WHY they designed it like that.
A logo has a job to do within your brand and it’s not just a pretty picture. A designer will have solid reason for the designs they present you.

Just stop asking a million people in a FB group and don’t ask your partner, mother or BF unless they fulfil the criteria! 🤚🙏

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