Emma is a fire cracker. She has a discerning and creative eye for design, a sharp, strategic mind for branding and an empathetic and inspiring personality to lead other professionals in growing and refining their businesses.

Philip Vandusen

Principle at Verhaal Brand Design

The strategy workshop and design consultation are amazing. I gained such a wealth of clarity about exactly what I wanted to achieve. I can not recommend this process highly enough; it is integral to achieving a powerful brand.

Before working with Emma, my business suffered lack of cohesion and clarity across all touchpoints. I had no brand. It was a bit of a mess.

Working with Emma is a joy. Emma knows her craft inside and out. As a control freak it was initially difficult for me to imagine handing over control of my brand to someone else. When Emma delivered my  initial Stylescape, she had completely nailed it so perfectly I happily surrendered to the rest of process. Emma is brilliant.

My scariest thought was wondering if perhaps it was all too expensive. I was on the fence!

But looking back, if I hadn’t worked with Emma I would not be where I am now with the wonderful brand. I feel that I would never have achieved the confidence and clarity that I now have moving forward if I hadn’t worked with you.

I would tell anyone on the fence to get off the fence and just begin. That they won’t regret it and that they can trust in your creative genius 100%.

Kate Duff

Author, Writer & Publisher

BEST business investment I made all year.

I had a beautiful custom backdrop designed by Emma. It is simply stunning, completely elevated my brand and is superb quality.

I highly recommend investing in Emma, and her fantastically designed backdrops. You’ll be amazed at her care, professionalism and attention to detail, not forgetting about impeccable artistic design!

I loved the whole process – thank you x

Alison Callan

Business Strategist

I’ve seen an instant spike in bookings, raised my rates & have clients coming from a wider range of places.

It’s forced me to consider scaling my business earlier than I thought, which is an amazing issue to have!

From a business owner’s perspective, re-branding helped me feel at home in my business and with Emma’s work and focus it also really speaks to my ideal clients.

Everyone mentions how my new brand resonates with them so well.

Win Win!!

Miranda Dalwood


We had no idea what we wanted but Emma had a vision and we were so grateful for that.

Emma’s vision was what influenced us to work with her. She was professional and the time frame always exceeded my expectations. The process was easy, her communication and ability to listen and ascertain our needs was above my expectations.

The impact of using Emma’s business is about branding and ensuring the same pictures are seen all over Australia. Our 10 backdrops are used all over Australia – this ensures we have uniformity in the images. The backdrops have been great for Share The Dignity’s brand presence.

Rochelle Courtenay

Founder & CEO Share The Dignity

My problem prior to working with Emma was consistency of my branding. I had a bunch of imagery, colours, fonts, and styles from up to 5 different designers at some points, plus just trying to DIY to save money…it just looked like a kid had made all my images. My brand looked like a mish mash of Vistaprint templates and really obvious DIY work.

I wasn’t really proud of the visual aspect of my business, and I was unsure about publishing anything or promoting my business.

I know lots of people offer design services, but Emma has always come across my social media feeds as The Pro.

When I came to a point in my business where I needed to do a massive upgrade,  I just went for it with Emma. And very happy that I did!

Emma was awesome. She was really kind and caring in a period where I had just had my trust smashed apart, and she held my hand throughout the process and helped create a visual identity for my brand that I really love.

She was awesome when I asked her to change things, and she guided me with expertise and experience, and stopped me from making the same old DIY decisions!

Still on the fence about investing with Emma?

Have a chat with Emma; talk about your ideas, where you are now, and what you want. You’ll know from talking to her if she’s the right designer for you, and when you feel that connection you’ll just go with the flow and love the results.

And she won’t be offended if you don’t feel like you’re the right match!

Mel Simon

Simple Wellness

You’re a beautiful intersection between business strategy, creativity, the magic of true art and straight talk.

It’s one less thing for me to think about. I feel like I have a team member onboard who really gets it. Someone I can rely on, who has a beautiful heart, creative and strategic intelligent and huge amounts of integrity

Leigh Woodgate

Business Growth Advisor, Mentor & Author, Inategy

Thank you Emma, it has been wonderful watching my logo and the symbolism she brings come to life.

This little adventure has gifted me more than the logo itself – thank you for your wisdom and insight along the way.

Kristie Kelly

Yoga Instructor

I must say, I love my new backdrop. Makes a massive difference when you talk to potential clients. If you’re on the fence, just chat with Emma. She’ll guide you through.

Sanjay Pandaram

Business & Wealth Advisory

Emma is more than a branding expert, she understands how to work in the business world. She knows how to help her clients stand out, how to present her clients in their branding, bringing all facets together from values, purpose, services, audience, industry, unique qualities. And her professionalism and commitment to caring about what she does and the end product is priceless.

Emma is easy to work with and I appreciate her promptness in our calls. As a busy Mum and business owner, I know if I book a call, Emma will be on time and organised so the call covers exactly whats needed and doesn’t go for longer than is necessary. Having come from the corporate world of meetings for the sake of meetings, this is very much appreciated.

I felt very taken care of through the whole process, guided through the decisions that needed to be made. Emma took all of my suggestions and implemented them or advised why they may not fit the brand overall.

Her honesty and integrity to ensure the best result is achieved is a great asset to her. The best part of the experience has been seeing all of the elements come together into a brand I love.

My new branding has helped my business to be recognised in a busy online world. 

I know it is going to be an asset to my business growth and the connection of my business to my upcoming book. The branding ties together perfectly while still allowing the book to be a stand alone product.

Emma and I had crossed paths a few times and I knew her work well. So when I needed a complete brand for my new business I didn’t need to look for anyone else. I knew Emma was the right person.

Sonja Balzarolo

Business Systems Expert & Bookkeeper

Thank you Emma for my new backdrop. I’ve had so many compliments about it…it’s fabulous to have something that’s one-of-a-kind, just for me. It’s beautiful.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Coach

I have recorded more videos in the past 3 days that I had in the previous 3 months! I am so in LOVE with mine…I could take selfies in front of my backdrop all day long!

Emma Veiga-Malta – YOU ROCK TO THE MOON & BACK!

Tash Corbin

Business Coach

My challenge before working with Emma was trying to come up with specific branding for expanding the retreat side of my established business. I wanted to be viewed as the same person under one business umbrella no matter what services I offer.

It’s wonderful working with someone who “gets you and your business”. Emma knew exactly what I was asking to convey in my messaging and visual branding – when I really didn’t even know myself! She took the overarching visionary in me and brought it back down to earth.

The way the whole package came together was astounding. Especially the visual elements. I have noticed an immediate impact related to my social media & the branding has gotten more engagement than I EVER have on my own.

Also, the organization plan as well as the branding strategy how to ACTUALLY use all the beautiful creations was something I especially appreciated.

I appreciate how Emma did not hold back anything. EVERYTHING that is needed for me to either create or hand off was included. I have received help with branding before and always felt I was left hanging to my own devices. I received more than I expected from the initial call to the final wrap-up session with Emma. There were just a few technical pieces I didn’t know but I ALWAYS heard from her in less than 24 hours about how to move forward.

I know I will come back to Emma in the future for any rebranding or new branding I choose to do with my business. I also want to add that Emma is as beautiful as the designs she creates.

Dr Lisa Hartwell

Psychologist, Therapist & Consultant

I purchased two backdrops to give a professional feeling when having online meetings via Zoom.

With working from a home office, we always juggle for space and when we can’t have a dedicated area we need to find other solutions to cover up life and a busy household.

These work a treat and no one will know that I am at home.

My clients are already commenting. Thanks heaps for designing such a great product Emma.

Paulette McCormack

Employment & Business Consultant

Getting my backdrop was one of the best things I could have done for my biz. Emma was amazing to work with, very patient while I was trying to figure out what I needed.

When I received & opened my backdrop and stood against it- I felt THE most amazing feeling- that this was me! 

Everyone who has seen it has absolutely loved it- and echoed that it’s very ME:) 

Sal Jade

Udemy Course Creator, Tarot Reader

I don’t do videos as such, but spend time on Zoom calls and training sessions with my clients. I was sick of my dodgy, mum-working-from-home background that I was presenting.

With my backdrop, I can quickly and easily hide the mess and jump on a Zoom call with clients feeling together and organised.

Delaney Van Balen

Bookkeeper & Xero specialist

It was a huge decision for me to seek out the services of a branding expert.  A die-hard DIY’er, I’d dabbled with creating my own for more than a year, and despite more hours than I can count, it still left me flat.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was looking for or how to pull the seemingly disjointed parts of my business together.

In just one very thorough and efficient phone call, Emma gently got to the core of who am I and what I provide for people.  I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  And in the first draft of options, Emma completely nailed it.  She then went on to create a complete branding package that’s not only unique, but perfectly suited to me personally and professionally.

My only regret is not coming to Emma sooner.  She could have saved me 12 months of time and energy that would have been better invested into building my business rather than playing amateur designer!

Raelene Joyce

Health coach

Working with Emma was seamless and probably one of the best experiences I have had with a provider.  She was easy to talk with give feedback to and the end product was fabulous. It was all in time and she delivered what she said she would.

I love Emma and the way she works. Her product is deluxe and easy and she is so great to work with. Thank you.

Maree Eddings

Business Strategist & Mentor

Shout out to the ever-talented Emma, and the rebranding of my course.

After 3 years and a DIY logo, I wanted to reflect how my course has matured and the value I give.

I knew the colours were way off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I love how you give Emma some words, some inspiring pictures and BOOM – she nails it!

She doesn’t think she’s psychic, but she has a special magic when designing.

Denise Litchfield

21st Century Psychic

My decision to work with Emma was a brilliant one and I only have good things to say about the experience.

I was after an update for my old branding which was many years old and her Pro Package suited my needs perfectly as it had all the options that I was looking for. I particularly loved the a la carte branding items where I could pick and choose for those specific needs.

From day one Emma was very clear about what was happening, what I needed to provide her with, the timeline, progress etc…

I loved this level of professionalism, communication and transparency.

I felt assured that everything was progessing in her competent hands. She really listened to my feedback and consistently followed through with the changes we discussed.

I am delighted with my final branding as I feel Emma really captured what I was looking for, and sometimes this is not an easy task when it comes to the creative process. What a relief! Now I have my new branding I absolutely love it and how it represents me at this stage of my business.

Claire Tait


My branding was a bit inconsistent & fractured. I didn’t feel it had a connected professional look, so I chose the Expert Branding package.

The amazing thing was that Emma was able to tease my thoughts and ideas to create a truly beautiful, authentic brand for who I am & what I do. It’s like she has a direct insight into your brain! I felt so excited to review everything as it came through.

This has been a fabulous experience from Whoa to Go. I have been excited every step of the way from those early Stylescapes to delivery & unpacking, to the final debrief.

Emma is an absolute delight to work with, & I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to upgrade their branding. Thank you so much Emma, I am over the moon satisfied with my branding.

Donna M Martin

Midwife & Early Years Specialist

The client reactions to my new branding & backdrop has been absolutely epic!

Everybody had just said they love the feel of my brand so much and that it is totally aligned to me and what I am going for. I am so excited to launch my membership now that I have my new branding!!

Emma’s communication was terrific. She handled my objections brilliantly holding her boundaries strong whilst also allowing me to hold mine.

My advice to anyone considering working with Emma – do it!!! She will hold your hand every step of the way and really make sure you walk away a happy customer.

Anthea Cutler

Mindset Coach

Emma was delightful to work with. Communication was easy and she was one of the easiest people to deal with. Her designs were stunning and I was so pleased with the results.

The strategy & design workshops were very detailed; they resulted in a brand that I’m proud of. It has increased my influence in my social media channels and I believe assisted in me attracting a higher calibre of clients.

I would highly recommend Emma’s services – she is a skilled artist & designer, delightful and your business needs her expertise. If you want to stand out and you want your influence to increase you cannot afford not to utilise her services.

Jo Worthy

Author, Life Coach

I didn’t even have a name for my business, so Emma lead me through her strategy session and we came up with a name, a vision, a brand personality – everything!

It was in the strategy workshop where the magic happened! In addition to the business name, I could see all the random thoughts in my head come to life in a sensible, logical, cohesive way – thank God for Emma!

I’d actually been stalking Emma via Facebook for over a year, reading her posts, watching her videos, taking on board all her branding advice before deciding I was finally in a position to move forward. By then I felt I knew Emma and could trust her even though we’d never met.

If you’re not sure about working with her, watch her videos, read her posts, read her blogs – she makes sense!! If that isn’t enough to convince you, book in for a chat and talk through your concerns.


Kim Horsfall

Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner

I struggled with consistency with visuals. I am not a visual person at all. So I would always use different fonts, colours, photos, and there would be no consistency. I decided to make the investment a lot earlier then other start ups, buuuut I know my visuals let me down, and decided to go for it. Before I got my backdrop I wouldn’t do any videos because I was too paranoid about the mess!

Emma has helped me develop a clear brand statement (whereas before I just had a vague idea) and she has created visuals to reflect that statement. I feel more confident moving forward now that I know all my visuals match and are congruent with my message. She was thorough, dedicated and her attention to detail was incredible. I felt she really did the work to research and understand my market and the message I convey.

I struggled a bit because I was unsure how it all worked and whether I was being too demanding. But Emma was very reassuring and made me feel totally confident to be honest and the results are sensational! Everything I could have hoped for and more.

Practically, putting up the backdrop was a total cinch. I managed to put it up 4 weeks post tummy tuck when I couldn’t even lift a 3L milk carton because I was still in so much pain. Easy, fast, and compact. I love it!

In conclusion, Emma is amazing to work with!

Suzanne Culberg

Weight Loss & Health Mindset Coach

Before I launched my online program I was stumped when it came to backdrops. My home-office just doesn’t cut the mustard.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I love things to look great and well presented so when I came across Emma’s backdrops, I thought yes, that’s perfect!!

Emma’s backdrop is an integral part of my business. I use it all the time, every single week!

It makes me feel sharp, professional, organised and I absolutely, absolutely love it to bits! And it takes 2 mins to put up! Winning!!

I have to say, it’s not all about the backdrop – it’s about Emma. Emma is a true artist. She’s pretty much the best person you could deal with: easygoing, on time, helpful, fun, creative and above all she wants you to succeed & make you shine. Bespoke Backdrops make you absolutely shine on camera!

Emma Franklin-Bell

Author & creator of Manuscript Mastery

Emma is not only a fabulous designer but a magnificent mentor. 

She has a keen ability to convey what your business needs in a digestible way that leaves you feeling excited about what is possible! 

She offers such profound insight into marketing and how to use visuals in a compelling and attention-grabbing way, all the while being visually consistent and on-brand. 

I feel like in five minutes with her I could take in more than I would in an hour with most people!  She is so knowledgeable, savvy, and quick, and clearly tries to offer as much value as possible to everyone she works with. 

Working with her again will continue to be on my list, and should be on yours also!!

Christine Collins

MS (Psy.) MS (Hyp.)