I’ve been working recently with a few clients who used to think that they could DIY their brand and business visuals.

And then they realised, as their business grew, it just wasn’t enough to cobble things together. To ad hoc things once they got clearer on their message and what their business was.

They realised there was a disconnect with how their business looked and felt on the inside and the
kind of quality of content they were providing, and what the business looked like on the outside.

So they started to upgrade – tentatively maybe with a new logo, then they realise their Facebook page needed some work doing to it and then they thought “Oh my goodness, I’ve got worksheets for a for a course I’m
teaching they look dreadful.”

And all of a sudden they realize these massive holes were beginning to appear in the visuals in their business.

It’s not so dissimilar to when you renovate a house. You start thinking I’m just going to paint that wall there. That’ll look nice. And then you realize all that wall looks really great, it makes the other wall look really shabby. Might as
well paint that. And then this is broken, if I fix that then something else will look really shabby by comparison.

So you incrementally upgrade. And that’s great when you start off in business. The way we all do; to find our feet in our businesses. But there comes a point where your visuals actually need to support your content. It’s no longer
enough to have a business strategy without a visual strategy. How do you show up visibly online and do your graphics, do your videos, does everything you put out visually actually support your business goal?

Do your visuals help you get from A to B in your business quicker?

Because if you’ve got great content, you’ve got your courses, you’ve got your message.  You have clients but you’re spending so much time on Canva creating your suite of imagery…and that’s really not
the best use of your time.

It’s not helping you get from A to B quicker.

So to answer the question “What is the point of having a backdrop? What is the point of having branding?” – it all comes down to working towards your business goal.

They work hand in hand. People talk about business strategy a lot; they don’t talk about visual strategy. And backdrops are part of your visual strategy; it’s part of the video experience that you give your clients or your one-on-one consultations on Zoom.

And so is your branding work. If you’re going to get branding work done, if you’re going to get a backdrop done, I
will also be asking you all your business goals are. Like, why are we doing this, who do you serve, what is your vision long term? Your goals might be to break into a new market, or increase brand awareness.

And that helps you and it helps me understand we’re going to go with your branding & with your backdrop.

Because as I always say, a business strategy without the visual strategy is just half a strategy!

Want to chat about how to create your visual strategy? Interested in linking your business strategy with a visual strategy? Book a time to suit you here – obligation free. Bring a cup of tea, and let’s see how I can help you.