Surprisingly, there is more than ONE type of branding. It’s not something we think about when talking about branding; we think of the outside look & feel of the business only.

But there are 4 types:

  1. Business Brand: People generally talk about branding as being the catch-all for their whole business. And for most small businesses and solopreneurs, that’s probably enough; one brand to represent the whole business.
  2. Product Brand: If you sell product lines under your business brand, they will also have their own branding that works in alignment with your overarching brand identity.
  3. Employer Brand: As your business grows and you take on staff, either in-house or remotely, you suddenly need to consider a second brand identity. Who are you as an employer? How do you attract and retain the best people?
  4. Personal Brand: And as the founder of this burgeoning business, your role changes and you stop doing ‘all the things’ in your business. Your identity changes within the business and you may wish to step away from the daily grind and forge a new path.

So you end up with 4 interlinking brand identities; a business brand, a product brand, an employer brand and a personal brand.

I know most of us are solopreneurs or small business owners, but we should still consider these 4 brand identities on a smaller scale.

For example:

  • How old or relevant is the current branding on your website?
  • Do your aromatherapy labels fit with the overarching business brand vibe and the general holistic wellness category?
  • Think about the type of assistant you might want to hire and how they’d fit.
  • How do suppliers view your business – do you look professional and trustworthy?
  • Who are you when being invited to speak on a podcast or on stage at a conference?

Food for thought!

Need to tighten up your branding? Not sure if your current brand identity is working for you? Need a second opinion? Or just want me to check out your customer touch-points and see what’s missing in design terms?

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