Beautiful & Strategic Design to Grow Your Business

 Our Mission

I’m Emma & I run a small design company focused on marrying solid business strategies with good design principles.

Design should not exist in a vacuum. Design has a job to do: it must reflect your vision, amplify your message, inspire your clients and support your business activities.

Through my proven, strategic & creative process, with my 20 years business experience, I draw out the essence of your business and translate it into beautiful and useful visuals, for both branding and backdrops.

I believe beauty also has a place in business and design; which is why I place such emphasis on creating original artwork and design assets.

My mission, with my small team, is to help you grow your business through beautiful and strategic design.

Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy Workshops:  understanding your brand attributes, crafting a brand statement, exploring your customer identity, researching your competitive marketplace, establishing your brand position, mapping out your business goals and identifying the tools needed to reach them.

Brand Identity Design:  we use all of the information gleaned in the strategy workshop to create a distinctive visual identity, design compelling graphics and create strategic brand assets that you can use in-house or hand off to your team.

Video Backdrops: amplify your visibility and branding on camera with a custom designed backdrop.

Websites, Brand Photography, Graphic Design: bring all your web and imagery needs together under one roof. My small team and I are here to simplify the process for you.

Our Secret Sauce

I custom create every illustration, icon and template. I have experience in fine art, fashion design, textile design and illustration – today my art & design skills blend with my 20 year business expertise.  Many designers buy their clients’ assets  in design marketplaces. It’s an industry dirty little secret.

Not here. Everything is exclusively designed for you and nobody else. You get art, design and business in one place. Your branding & backdrops are truly unique.

Emma is a fire cracker. She has a discerning and creative eye for design, a sharp, strategic mind for branding and an empathetic and inspiring personality to lead professionals in growing and refining their businesses.

Philip Vandusen

Principle at Verhaal Brand Design

It was Emma’s vision which influenced us in working with her.

We had no idea what we wanted but Emma had the vision and we were so grateful for that.

Working with Emma was always easy, professional; her communication and ability to listen and ascertain our needs was above my expectations.

Rochelle Courtenay

Founder & Managing Director, Share The Dignity

Emma is more than a design & branding expert; she understands how to work in the business world.

My new branding has helped my business to be recognised in a busy online world; which is going to be an asset to my business growth. 

Her honesty and integrity to ensure the best result is achieved is a great asset to her.

Sonja Balzarolo

Business Systems Specialists

You’re a beautiful intersection between business strategy, creativity, the magic of true art and straight talk.

It’s one less thing for me to think about. I feel like I have a team member onboard who really gets it. Someone I can rely on, who has a beautiful heart, creative and strategic intelligent and huge amounts of integrity

Leigh Woodgate

Business Growth Advisor, Mentor & Author, Inategy

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Proud to support One Tree Planted, non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. I plant trees for each of my clients. How many can we plant in 2021?

Proud to support The Aminata Maternal Foundation to ensure no woman or child dies during childbirth in Sierra Leon. Helping to keep mothers healthy & safe.