What are the low-hanging fruits you need to have designed and branded in your customer journey or sales funnel? I take you through a typical customer journey and show you were you might be missing an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.

Now that travel has been banned, how about a little trip down your customer journey? From first contact to paying you.

Now is the perfect time to check that every step, every touch point from finding you to buying from you is on brand and visually consistent.

A typical journey, and touch-points, might be this:

👉 They see a FB post in a group. Do you have a branded social media post template for your image?

👉They check out your FB business page. Is your FB banner on brand, with your logo and what you do? This is prime real estate.

👉 They might scroll to find a video. How do you show up on camera? Is your background a hot mess, or does it vibe with your brand identity?

👉 Your video takes them to your YouTube channel. Are you video thumbnails designed and with your video title on them? Or have you let YouTube choose an unflattering thumbnail for you? Does your channel have a branded banner?

👉 You have an Opt-in freebie. Is your sign up page branded or designed to fit within your brand vibe?

👉 They receive your freebie and end up on your mailing list. Does your newsletter have a branded header, maybe with a nice photo of you? We all like to see faces and connect with humans.

👉 In your newsletter you have a sign up button to book a session with you. Does your Acuity or booking calendar show your logo? Have you used your brand colours?

👉 They buy from you. Is it obvious that the invoice you send comes from your business? If your trading name is different from your registered business name, and you don’t have your logo or brand identity on the invoice, people get confused.

👉You deliver your product or service. You want to keep your brand experience consistent throughout. Are your worksheets branded? Does your membership site use your brand colours and have designed module images? Does your contract have your logo?

👉You offer 1:1 video sessions. Does your brand experience continue on camera? If they’ve paid for a high-end product or service, are you showing up in a manner that reflects the price they paid?

👉They finish working with you. Do you have a survey you can send out for feedback and a testimonial? Could you brand that in some way?

👉 You have permission from them to create a testimonial. Do you have a branded testimonial template to create a nice graphic for your social media pages?

PHEW….so many places your brand shows up BEFORE and AFTER the paywall of working with you.

Both your free and paid offerings need to maintain a strong brand identity. Emotionally people need to feel connected to you, your business at all touch-points, and consistent visuals are the EASIEST way to do this.

Because 94% of communication is non verbal. So a picture really does paint a 1000 words!

Need to tighten up your branding? Not sure if your current brand identity is working for you? Need a second opinion? Or just want me to check out your customer touchpoints and see what’s missing in design terms?

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