The Mission To create a solid foundation to reach your business goals through the power of strategy & design. We look at your business through the lens of branding.

The Process I bring my 20 years creative business & design experience to your project; you are in expert hands. I combine strategic thinking & design to ensure you get the optimum blend of business & creativity.

We work through 4 strategy-centric exercises to establish your brand attributes, brand statement, competitive landscape, customer persona, 12-18 month business objectives and the tools you need to reach them.

Using this information, I lead you through a design consultation where I suggest design ideas, design references and uncover your brand’s visual direction.

Then the fun starts – the designing of your brand. All the visuals, graphics and templates you need.

The Outcome A brand identity and strategic overview that supports and amplifies your vision, purpose, expertise, goals and business strategy. A design framework that you can use time and time again in all your marketing, sales and business activities. You will move forwards with trust, confidence and enthusiasm knowing that your business’ look, feel and design are in alignment.

The Impact attract ideal clients, increase revenue, clear market positioning, essential visibility, deeper connection and more time to spend on your business & with your clients.

And unbridled pride and excitement to show your new branding off to the world. That’s powerful stuff!

The strategy workshop and design consultation are amazing. I gained such a wealth of clarity about exactly what I wanted to achieve. I can not recommend this process highly enough; it is integral to achieving a powerful brand.

Before working with Emma, my business suffered lack of cohesion and clarity across all touchpoints. I had no brand. It was a bit of a mess.

Working with Emma is a joy. Emma knows her craft inside and out. As a control freak it was initially difficult for me to imagine handing over control of my brand to someone else. When Emma delivered my  initial Stylescape, she had completely nailed it so perfectly I happily surrendered to the rest of process. Emma is brilliant.

My scariest thought was wondering if perhaps it was all too expensive. I was on the fence!

But looking back, if I hadn’t worked with Emma I would not be where I am now with the wonderful brand. I feel that I would never have achieved the confidence and clarity that I now have moving forward if I hadn’t worked with you.

I would tell anyone on the fence to get off the fence and just begin. That they won’t regret it and that they can trust in your creative genius 100%.

Kate Duff

Author, Writer & Publisher

Emma is more than a branding expert, she understands how to work in the business world. She knows how to help her clients stand out, how to present her clients in their branding, bringing all facets together from values, purpose, services, audience, industry, unique qualities. And her professionalism and commitment to caring about what she does and the end product is priceless.

Emma is easy to work with and I appreciate her promptness in our calls. As a busy Mum and business owner, I know if I book a call, Emma will be on time and organised so the call covers exactly whats needed and doesn’t go for longer than is necessary. Having come from the corporate world of meetings for the sake of meetings, this is very much appreciated.

I felt very taken care of through the whole process, guided through the decisions that needed to be made. Emma took all of my suggestions and implemented them or advised why they may not fit the brand overall.

Her honesty and integrity to ensure the best result is achieved is a great asset to her. The best part of the experience has been seeing all of the elements come together into a brand I love.

My new branding has helped my business to be recognised in a busy online world. 

I know it is going to be an asset to my business growth and the connection of my business to my upcoming book. The branding ties together perfectly while still allowing the book to be a stand alone product.

Emma and I had crossed paths a few times and I knew her work well. So when I needed a complete brand for my new business I didn’t need to look for anyone else. I knew Emma was the right person.

Sonja Balzarolo

Business Systems Expert & Bookkeeper

Let’s work together and build a strong foundation for your business. 

I will:

  • strategise around your business goals, competitive landscape, ideal customer persona and brand messaging.
  • design a whole brand identity. 
  • create an umbrella brand and visually streamline your products & services if your business is multi-faceted.
  • create your logo, key brand images & illustrations, graphic design for both on and offline products & services, and give you all the templates.
  • deliver everything in organised and labelled folders so you have them at your finger tips.
  • if you choose the VIP Expert package, I will design a backdrop for your videos, client calls, livestreams, photoshoots and events.

Designed, done and delivered.

No more DIYing or employing random VAs or graphic designers to cobble things together. 

No more second guessing yourself.

No more time wasting.

No more amateur-hour.

You get:

  • all of my 20+ years experience in business and design.
  • access to my small team delivering a full service from web development, brand photography to ongoing graphic design support . Please enquire for these additional services.